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Trial and Error

The Big Guns—Switching my Soap Lineup to the Homerun Hitters

November 30, 2006 12:11 PM

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the news of how my all-star soap lineup is faring in the SoapNet fantasy soap league. And today I am pleased to report that I did not completely embarrass myself with my soap star choices as I feared I would last week when I joined the league. No siree.

I managed a whopping 230 points on my first full day, Nov. 27. Fine, the average across the league was 430. So what? The good news is I beat the digital media director for SoapNet, who only garnered 118 points that same day.

And there’s even more good news. SoapNet tweaked the rules of the games so you can now change your lineup every day and earn points each day. Previously, you had to set your lineup on the weekend for the coming week.

So I’m going to jettison all my non-performers and add the big guns to my roster.
I boot Lily Synder from “As the World Turns.” I kick off Holden Snyder from the same show. They might have been my fan faves when I was a teenager, but those days are gone and it’s time to get serious and kick some soap league butt.

I pick Kayla Johnson from “Days of Our Lives” and Jason Morgan from “General Hospital” because they are the league’s top performers. I realize this is the equivalent of picking Alex Rodriquez and Derek Jeter for rotisserie baseball, but I’m OK with that.

Let’s see if I hit it out the park.


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Love this. My husband plays all the fantasy sports and never stops talking about it. Join my group GH Fans in NJ (you can find under MY GROUPS at www.soapnet.com/fantasy ) if you want

i agre with you whole heartly with every fiber of my being

Bernice Lane:

I agree totally.


I like A M C Who is the KILLER Who will be next my hubby thinks it will be BABE


I like almost all the sopes I tvo a lot of them

I think they are headed to less viewers. They should have never let Dixie die especially after she looked so hard for her daughter. I wish they had let her live. It would have been very nice to see a happy ending with Dixie, Tad, and theiir little girl.

I agree they had to let Dixie go and she just came back to the show that was wrong I wish some how that they had it planned that she had died but really isn't dead somehow
they was letting the people stay guessing that maybe she was dead but isn't. I wish that they would bring her back because JR just had got his Mom Back.



the killer is alex cambess ser. what a trip at least babe is alive still i hope jr gets every thing he needs. hope he pays for it all .. But i hope him and babe can work it all out thay are a good couple ..

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