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Trial and Error

Tooling Around DIY

November 6, 2006 4:32 PM

Yesterday we visited Bobvila.com to see if the site posed a threat to cable networks in the same genre. Today we’ll see what those networks offer.

I go to DIYnetwork.com to see what’s available. The site is stuffed with information so I hunt around a bit for video. At the bottom of the page is a button for “Featured Video” on how to organize a closet.

I click on that and about two seconds later, the video starts playing on a separate page in an embedded video player. It’s a Windows Media player, so all the functions are familiar and easy to use. The video lasts less than one minute and even manages to include a “brought to you by Lowe’s” voiceover. The video ends and then loops into another one on building a family photo wall.

I can also choose which videos to watch in the list of videos next to the player. Navigation is a cinch here.

Above the player is a series of tabs on other topics, such as gardening and woodworking. I click on the gardening tab, which brings up a list of 30 or so topics. I figure these must be video links since I am in the video section. But when I click on a link, the site takes me to a page with more text information.

I don’t dispute that DIYnetwork.com visitors want both text and video information, but if I am in the video section, I expect the tabs and links to take me to more videos.

Tomorrow, let’s continue the Scripps tour and check out HGTV.com.


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