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Trial and Error

Trial & Error Blog

November 21, 2006 1:17 PM

Why wheel and deal with fantasy athletes when you can swap and barter soap characters? Soapy cable channel SoapNet launched a fantasy soap league online earlier this month. Like fantasy sports leagues online, users can draft soap characters, such as Erica Kane.

The site is located at Fantasysoapnet.com. I log in and select the link for “Set your lineup: Select characters and moments.”

But when I click on that, it jumps me back to that same page. Ah, I realize I have to pay for this service. So I do the standard reporter trick. This is actually the first thing you’re taught on the job. No, it’s not the inverted pyramid, silly. It’s how to ask for free things. I email SoapNet’s spokeswoman and ask for a comp pass to check out the site. I get it and am ready to play.

Now I’m on the line-up page where I select the characters for my roster.

I choose my female characters first, opting for Lily Synder from “As the World Turns,” Laura Spencer from “General Hospital,” and Whitney Russell from “Passions.” Good name, I think.

I pick the male characters next, and then select “Soap moments.” This is where it gets really fun.

How about “Daydreaming?” Hard to go wrong with that one. “Being killed at my wedding.” Hey, it might sound macabre, but my next soap moment will be “Coming back from the dead!” For my final moment, I opt for “transplant.”

After I finalize my lineup, it hits me that I made a big faux pas. I have ZERO strategy here for this game. I am just willy nilly picking characters and moments without thinking about which ones are likely to earn me the most points. I mean, is Lily Synder really going to come back from the dead in the next week? I am probably going up against thousands of others who are diligently researching characters and the mathematical likelihood of said situations occurring.

No matter, let’s check back next week and see if this rookie managed to hit the side of a barn or not.


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