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Trial and Error

Hey Atom Films! Mix in a Break from the Commercials

December 8, 2006 4:33 PM

I’m back at AtomFilms again today to check out the site re-do that kicked in earlier this week. I don’t recall the old layout, but the new one is pretty snazzy. The site’s jam-packed with neatly organized menus, multiple entry points into video and an easy-to-use video player.

There are buttons for “top channels,” “all films,” “films to go” and other options as well as tabs in the middle of the page letting you toggle amongst “new films,” “most watched” and “highest rated.”

I watch a few minutes of “Star Wars Gangsta Rap,” “Momma’s Boy” and “Family Xmas.” But none are catchy enough to stay tuned for the entire video.

And after watching a few videos I do notice one big difference with the new site. It’s littered with ads. Yes, littered. There are video ads, display ads and the dreaded pop-ups each time I click on a new page or video. Heck, I’m all for making money. But give us a break. Maybe run an ad in front of every other video, not EVERY SINGLE ONE. Subtlety would be nice.


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Barry Davidoff:

Seriously, has Viacom done anything right? There are awesome sites out there - why buy this POS?

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