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Trial and Error

How to Blend Your Ipod

December 20, 2006 7:20 PM

Let’s be honest, no one’s working really hard this week. So let’s just have some fun viewing all those great viral videos you religiously abstain from during real work weeks.

If your friends and family still haven’t gotten the idea yet that you want a new iPod for the holidays, try this trick to get the message across. Blend it into metallic bits like the dude in the white lab coat does in the “Will it Blend?” series. The video was created by blender maker Blendtec and has generated more than 667,000 views on YouTube in one week.

Blending an iPod to smithereens looks quite satisfying. After all, who hasn’t fantasized about destroying our gadgets—taking sledgehammers to them or smashing them against the wall?

I just want to know— is that dice, grate or grind? And does that trick work on cell phones and blackberries too?


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Allbert Chepparo:

The Will it Blend series is a perfect example of what works on the internet - really creative concept that is simple for people to get their hands around. As a viewer, you think "Are they really going to do it?"....and you watch to find out yes.

Dave S:

Ha ha ha I can think of a couple things that I would love to blend! My blackberry, my laptop, my mouse pad... I love those will it blend videos, I wonder if they are selling a lot of blendtec blenders for the holidays. Might make a good last minute gift.

Bob Christie:

I can understand why watching any IPod in a blender is popular --- they must have just been through Apple's in store customer service.

Daisy Whitney:

I woudln't mind blending my Comcast DVR. It seems to randomly mute itself these days whenever it wants.


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