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Trial and Error

How to Find Racy Videos

December 18, 2006 3:51 PM

So today might be one of those days where you can check out some, how shall we say, not quite safe for work videos without needing to quickly scramble to minimize your browser window or turn off the volume if someone walks into the office.

In today’s issue of TVWeek, we wrote about how online video sites are weaning themselves off porn and sexually explicit clips (Link to story: http://www.tvweek.com/article.cms?articleId=31173)

But some of these sites—read the story to learn which ones—still feature racy videos and slightly naughty scenes. Without giving away too many of our insider secrets on just how we found the titillating clips, I simply urge TV executives to visit these sites and see if they can find for themselves what young men surfing the Internet are able to track down.

Remember, this is all in the name of work, research and industry education. It’s your duty, after all.


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Allbert Chepparo:

I could not find adult stuff on most sites, but Metacafe and Daily Motion have a ton of porn!

Dave S:

Read the story, checked the sites, found it very "useful". And I do mean useful in the name of work research industry education and nothing else....nothing at all!

One thing I've learned about the internet is that nsfw videos and pictures are just as important as things like cnn. They probably drive the market more than anything else.

Daisy Whitney:


I guess it depends how you define porn. One man's porn is another's man's...well, something. funny thing -- I got an email yesterday after the story ran pointing out that YouTube did indeed have a fair amount of pornographic content, contrary to its policy. And actual pornographic content -- not just racy videos.

Daisy Whitney:


Glad to hear you're doing your duty as a yeoman in the TV industry! Keep up the good work.



I haven't seen any real porn on YouTube, and hardly any nudity. I've followed links to videos that have been taken down because they violated the content rules. So maybe it gets up for a little while, but it's not there when I'm poking around.

Go ahead and call me a pervert, I'm unashamed.

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