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Trial and Error

Non-Gamer Waits, Waits, Waits for Game Site to Load

December 6, 2006 12:20 PM

So Comcast made a big to-do yesterday about the now wide-open access to its online gaming service gameinvasion.net, its site for hard core gaming enthusiasts that’s now open to anyone on the Web and no longer just Comcast high-speed customers.

I’m not a hard core gamer or a soft core gamer or really a gamer of any size, shape or adjectival definition. But I am an Internet user and when I first visited the site on the morning of Dec. 5, it took more than five minutes to load. Which by any definition is WAY TOO LONG.

But, I believe in second chances. So I return in the afternoon and the site takes about a minute to load. Still a bit long.

There’s gaming news and a list of “top tens,” which I assume must be top ten games. I click through, landing on a momentarily blank page that freezes my computer for a few seconds.

When the page does load, I click back to the home page, which is filled with a series of game images laid over each other. I click on a trailer for Halo 3 and then watch a very swank looking clip in a stylish embedded video player.

I decide to test one more aspect of the site—the new video game show MLG Pro Circuit. I don’t see it on the main page, so I click on “shows.” I can’t find it there either. I do a search on the site but that takes me out to the general web via Comcast.net’s search mechanism. So where’s this TV show that’s supposed to be part of the new site?

Any gamers out there who want to weigh in on what they like or dislike?


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