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Trial and Error

Ranking the Video Search Sites

December 13, 2006 12:15 PM

After Truveo outperformed my expectations in the news video hunt yesterday, I thought it only fair to test its competition too. That means we’re going to see how ClipBlast and Blinkx handle a search for “space shuttle,” the same term I searched for on Truveo.

I try Clipblast.com and the first result in my “space shuttle” search is for the CBSnews.com video as well. The videos listed aren’t quite as up-to-date as on Truveo, but at least they are on topic and current. Next I go to Blinkx.com and one of the top videos is that same NBC video that I also found on Truveo.

So here’s my ranking for usefulness in searching for news videos: Truveo first, Blinkx second and ClipBlast third.


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I like to use few video search sites - fooooo, truveo, ulinkx, vizhole because it's sometimes easier and faster when I search what I wanna watch...
I often go to http://video.vizhole.com for latest videos search by channel ...

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