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Trial and Error

Searching for Yesterday’s News on CNBC

December 19, 2006 7:35 PM

I got an email link last night from a friend of mine who appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” yesterday to talk about the role his company, Rovion, is playing in online advertising. I was able to click through the link in the email and watch the video easily on my computer.

Since CNBC revamped its Web site at the start of the month to become ultra video-centric, I wanted to see if I could also find the segment from yesterday’s show easily on the new Web site. The site now boasts oodles of video from current shows. Will a segment from yesterday be easy to find too?

The CNBC page is sluggish to load, but when I plug Rovion into the search box on the home page of the site, the clip is right there under “video results.” So I hit play and watch the segment again.

This “archival” feature is a must-have for TV networks as they migrate online. The Internet is a treasure trove for research. TV sites should be too.


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Comments (4)

Chris E:

How can you expect an old school conservative network like cnbc be modern. They probably still have paper ticker tape going through the offices. Maria Bartleomo is pretty hot though, I will give them that much.

Cramer is gonna have a heart attack one 6 months but it will be fun to watch until then.

Daisy Whitney:

you never know -- sometimes these old dogs surprise you

Mick Dreemie:

I love the blog! great insights into what's going on these days in the world of online video. Nothing wrong with CNBC's video offering, just the $9.95 per month sucks. They should find other ad supported ways to offer video. I find it hard to believe that they will have a lot of takers to view the 'archived' videos when most video these days are free.

Daisy Whitney:

I've actually found most of the videos on CNBC.com to be free, including the archived one for Rovion. I agree though -- vive les ads!

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