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Trial and Error

Seeking Answers from TVGuide.com

December 29, 2006 1:32 PM

I can’t take this much longer. It seems so cruel and unfair. How, I ask, can the networks let us go this long without a fresh episode of our favorite shows?

OK, fine. They do let us go all summer and somehow we manage to subsist on the crumbs they throw us. But during December? During the holidays? When we need an escape from the family and the kids more than any other time of year? When we’ve become trained, Pavlov-style, to expect a new episode every Thursday night?

It’s been three long weeks—heck, it feels like three years—since I’ve watched a fresh episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Will I be out of my misery by next Thursday?

Of course, to satisfy my near rabid level of curiosity, I’ll need to check out the TV listings online. This time, let’s see how TVGuide.com does.

For starters, the site has got a ton of info and video for movies and TV shows. But my mission is singular. I bypass all the video. I spot the listings at the bottom of the page, but then I also see a link just for “Grey’s Anatomy.” I am powerless to resist. The link brings me to a page full of show information with the listings info right there at the bottom.

It’s hard for me to tell you what I learned though. The next fresh episode isn’t until Jan. 11.

But Lifetime starts its run of Grey’s on Jan. 7 with the first episode ever. Maybe it’ll feel new to me.

But, hey, at least we learned that TVguide.com has got a great TV listings page. I suppose I shall take some comfort in that.


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Comments (7)

Daisy, I've also been going through "new episodes" withdrawal, with no new
editions of House, Smallville, Prison Break, Ghost Hunters, Entourage, etc.!
Looking forward to mid/late Jan when I can crank up my TIVO again!
dan harary

Daisy Whitney:


I feel your pain! I don't know why the networks do this to us, but it's been a rough month, that's for sure. All I can say is they better deliver with some quality fresh episodes!



There are lots of reasons why they do this: the de rigeur holiday specials; less time for TV watching with all the shopping, party, and family obligations; and then there are the competing Bowl games in early January. I'm thankful that my DVR hasn't been filled with all the shows I haven't had time to watch (plus I get to watch reruns of the normally Prison Break-conflicting How I Met Your Mother); but I'm equally itching to get back to watching my faves. Now I've got the problem of Fox just starting shows (Idol and 24) and how they'll fit into my already-comfortable schedule. Oh, the troubles of a network TV slave!


Bryan, what's your prediction for what happens next on the Office? What's the next step in the Jim-Pam saga?


Ummm. The character played by Rashida Jones (I still can't remember her name) ups the ante and wants to move in with Jim. He allows it, despite reservations. This really gets to Pam and she let's it slip to someone, probably not Jim but on camera, that she loves Jim. It gets back to him, and the season ends, leaving us to wonder what happens next.

Carmen Sanborn:

I cancelled your magazine over a year ago when your so called upgraded issue was supposed to be wonderful. I have sent several messages via the mail and asked that my name be removed from your files. I am still receiving ads from your company which are ignored and thrown in the waste basket.
What do I have to do to stop this unnecessary and unwanted materials?????????

Nancy Sperry:

Ordered TVGuide, and was told I would get a Norman Rockwell calendar. To date, no calendar. Nancy Sperry

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