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Trial and Error

Truveo Tops in News Video Search Too

December 12, 2006 12:55 PM

After my serendipitously successful first try with video search site Truveo looking for TV clips, I’m back to see how it handles a search for news video. News is an important category for video search engines because, along with TV shows, news is one of the most searched for pieces of video on the Web. So to put Truveo to the test, we’ll need to see how it does in returning news videos.

I go to the site, at searchvideo.com (nice URL, by the way) and enter “space shuttle” to see if it’ll bring me the latest news on the space shuttle launch over the weekend. The very first result is a news clip from CNN that was posted just 38 minutes ago on Monday, Dec. 11. Nice and timely—I like those traits in a video search service.

The next result is for an NBC clip from Dec. 10 on the details of the Discovery space shuttle mission. The third result is a news clip from CBSnews.com. The videos all pop up in separate windows and play perfectly.

Once again, I am impressed with Truveo’s relevancy.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how Truveo’s competition performs.


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Hey Daisy,

How about a shootout between these video search sites you cover regularly, and Dabble? My guess is you'll just about always do better finding what you want on Dabble than Blinx, Truveo, etc. At the very least, your readers will know about another site that searches all of the hosts, not just a few sites.

All the best,
Joel with Dabble

Brian Hardaway:

I am a student. One of my assignments is to find where you would find the greatest number of video clips. I should find two sources for the information on the net.

Can you help, please.

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