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Trial and Error

Visiting Veoh With the Kid

December 27, 2006 2:37 PM

I am home with the kids today, but since Veoh Networks relaunched its service last week, I decide to check it out with my six year-old son. The makeover includes organizing the content according to channels and categories, so now we can put to the test whether you can easily find material for the kiddies. I read my son the list of categories: comedy, animation, sports. He picks sports.

The sports section primarily consists of arm wrestling videos (yes, with girls as the featured fighters), boxing and bodybuilding. He picks a regular wrestling video, but it turns out to be some blue, polyestered ninja warrior or something who just kicks a guy in a football outfit. We stop that video after 10 seconds.

I click on the button for channels and browse through options such as GearheadTV, the Surfing Channel and Sex TV. Boy, the Parents Television Council would be mad at me for that last one, so I resist.

Instead, we go back to categories and pick animation. My son chooses the “Endless Waltz” video, an 86-minute piece that tells the story of “the climax of the Eve Wars, on December 24 of the year AC 195, when the armies of the World Nation and White Fang met in a ferocious battle.”

My son watches a few minutes and in a drugged, almost transfixed-like state that only TV is capable of inducing in a young child, he manages to mutter, “This is good.”

So I decide to click on “subscribe to the series” so we can test that functionality. I’m prompted to sign up for an account and download the new Veoh player.

Sure, why not? And it only takes about two minutes to download and install.

But, wait, everything is now slooooooowing down. I must restart.

Come back tomorrow to learn what happens next.


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