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Trial and Error

Where are the Best TV Listings Online?

December 1, 2006 2:55 PM

Yahoo TV revamped its site earlier this week, but there’s been a bit of an uproar across the Web, and this blog, on the effectiveness of the TV listings grid on Yahoo’s site. I’ve never been a big TV listings user myself, so I’m asking all of you to post here and let me know which sites have the best TV listings out there. Then I can go kick the tires and compare. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see more of.


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Roger Prince:

I liked the old Yahoo format. Not the new one. Being a Comcast customer I am going to use theirs. I don't like TV Guide listing format.

Daisy Whitney:

So one vote for old Yahoo, one vote for Comcast online so far?

Nick Androu:

I too loved the old Yahoo TV listings. Not only was it fast and reliable, but you could easily see all the programs of a particular channel ... today, tomorrow etc. It had an accurate "future airings" listing as well as an excellent search feature. The new Yahoo TV sucks and I refuse to use it! I've tried AOL TV, TV Guide and a few others but nothing was as good as the old Yahoo! Some features are ok but then it hangs up or forgets my cable provider.

I would even pay for the old Yahoo if it was offered. Why wouldn't they at least give you the option?

I too and looking for a simple, fast and accurate on-line TV listing. Let me know if anyone finds one.

Xin Hua:

Couchville.com is #1. I've been using it since yahoo ruined their listings. Zap2it is okay, but they always show me the wrong time zone (yeah, yeah, I've got a cookie with them and they acknowledge my zip code every time I visit). Zap2it is also slow. TVguide is okay, but is also very slow. I can't compliment couchville.com enough. It's FAST, CLEAN, ACCURATE. But, bad news: They recently announced that they're shutting down the site. I hope someone takes it over. It is bar none the best tv listings site I've ever found.

Casey Chapple:

Xin Hua is NOT KIDDING! I just went there and found tv listings THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE! No scrolling - you just push the schedule around. A thin bar moves slowly across the screen designating what time it is. I've only just begun investigating, and am hesitant to go further because of the threatened end of this service.

WHY is it ending? I suspect they are having trouble feeding their kids. Not much advertising is in evidence. Not much advertising is a HUGE blessing, far as I'm concerned, and probably contributes to the speed of this site. We need a new paradigm for supporting sites like this. As the other tv listings sites attract more advertising, they become less usable. I am flying away from zap2it for that reason. If this excellent site could attract a SPONSOR who promised not to assert itself all over the site, I would support that sponsor to my dying day, unless, of course, they sell lead-tainted toys. I would also pay a membership fee for this site.

Phil H:

I've been using titantv.com after my friend recommended it to me, and so far, so good! You can customize listings and the ads are a nonissue if you install adblock plus for firefox.



I just tried it an there is a lot less BS than zap2it, yahoo or the others.

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