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Trial and Error

Amanda and Me

January 9, 2007 8:19 PM

We’re best friends now. I have the picture to prove it. I’ll post it later once I can get back on a decent wireless connection to send it.

But seriously, folks, I just met with Amanda Congdon outside the iRobot booth in the Sands Expo that showed short round dirt devil cleaning devices.

ABC had reached out to me wanting to change my perception of her. I’m a convert now! I’m on the Amanda bandwagon!

Just kidding.

However, I am impressed to learn about her lineage. Her Dad performed in the original cast of “42nd Street” on Broadway as Sawyer’s love interest, Amanda said, and since that’s my favorite musical of all time, Amanda gets points.

We also discussed what I don’t like about her video blogs on ABCnews.com and starringamandacongdon.com. They’re kind of dull and all over the place. She took the criticism well, was not defensive and simply explained her approach. For ABCnews.com, she said, “What I am trying to find when I write the show is something that interests me, a little gem.” Tomorrow, look for a video blog on four interesting products from CES and an interview with Dell Chairman Michael Dell.

As for StarringAmandaCongdon.com, she describes it as more of a free form project. “I’m not putting any controls. It’s more of a scratchpad to get ideas out. There’s not so much a goal, but it’s really an exercise,” she said.

Maybe I am just too old. I’m also not a 25 to 40 year-old guy.


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Mick Dreemie:

She's cute. i haven't seen her since Rocketboom. Maybe i need to go back and check it out. ABC is quite a step up. Seems like they're the ones taking the risk by hiring a 25 year old kid who is doing video blogs 'for herself'...


Hey Mick D:

Good to hear from you. I do think it's risky, but ABC says her videos are among its top 10 most viewed videos each week. I wonder if those views are from ABCnews.com viewers or Amanda fans following her over...



I agree with you. The few ABC video blogs that I bothered to watch are dull.

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