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Trial and Error

Amanda Full of Light

January 3, 2007 12:37 PM

So Amanda’s got another home. The e-lebrity (I just wanted to use that word) has added to her oeuvre a new show hosted on both Blip.TV and starringamandacongdon.com. I have often lain awake at night wondering what cool new tee-shirt she might wear and whether I can make it through a full five minutes of her new show. After 10 days of mental preparation, I am ready to face Amanda again.

I arrive on Blip.TV, but Amanda isn’t under “Don’t Miss” or “Hot Episodes.” Is Blip trying to tell me something, I wonder? Perhaps subliminal messaging?

After a quick search, I find several full episodes of her show. I try “Fantasy of Lights,” a video of Amanda driving down the street checking out Christmas light displays. There’s actually a really cool image of a street with lights arranged to feel like a tunnel. I pause the video to thoughtfully consider the lights (and really to write this entry), which gives me the chance to tell you that the pause feature on Blip works just fine. I also notice the Dove ad perched next to the video player. The great thing about the ad is it’s not overwhelming. It’s subtle, it works and I might go buy some Dove products right now.

OK, now Amanda just got out of her car and she’s freaking out over some holiday lights. And now, it appears that the lights are talking to her. One of the lights tells her that her New Year’s resolution should be to stop being so annoying.

I agree.

But I still can’t do it. I just can’t bring myself to finish the video. But, the moral of this is that the Blip service works great!


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I haven't seen Amanda's new stuff, but why the hating? She's so hott! ;-)

Is that good enough, Daisy, or were you looking for more cerebral contributions?


Maybe she's hot, but she's kind of dull! Hello! You can be hot and interesting!

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