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Trial and Error

Amanda, Where are You?

January 8, 2007 8:34 PM

I’m still waiting for my rendez-vous with the queen of video blogs Ms. Amanda Congdon. While waiting I had the chance to rap with Bernard Gershon, the senior VP and general manager for Digital Media with the Diseny-ABC Television Group, who was involved in her hiring and happened to be hanging out in the VIP line with me for the Bob Iger keynote at CES.

He said that Ms. Congdon’s videos rank among the top 10 videos each week on ABCnews.com. That’s out of 350 to 400 videos that ABC posts on its news site each week, including pieces on the war in Iraq, for instance. “She brings a new audience. Younger, hipper, more Internet savvy,” Mr. Gershon said, as another Disney executive charged his Blackberry while in line.

Mr. Gershon admits that some viewers love her and some don’t. “She has a real talent,” he said. I asked what that talent is and he said, “It’s a new way of presenting information-based content. She’s not doing investigative reporting. She’s finding interesting stories and presenting them in an upbeat, non-traditional way.”


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Her talent is that she's hot and a bit whacky. But the Rocketboom format is equally responsible for her fame. I haven't watched much of her ABC stuff, but it doesn't seem nearly as fun.

I love that you point-blankly asked what her talent is to an exec. Hilarious!


The meeting has been rescheduled for today at 3 pm Pacific. Stay tuned.

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