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Trial and Error

CES Report: AOL-Sony Tango, Modeo Launches, Tivo Demos Service on Comcast

January 8, 2007 6:36 PM

As I prepare to descend on the tundra that is Las Vegas right now—how does a weather pansy like myself dress for 47 degrees after all?—allow me to share a few quick announcements from the show.

In the continued quest for convergence, AOL said it will make content from AOL Video available on Sony’s new “Bravia Internet Video Link.” That’s a new feature that should be built into the majority of Sony TVs by the summer. At last year’s show, AOL announced its partnership with Intel’s Viiv project to deliver Internet content to various devices. Little has come of that project, so only time will tell if the Sony partnership has more bang. Consumers can use the remote to access the Internet and navigate through AOL Video, AOL said. Users can also pause, fast forward and rewind using the remote.

On the mobile TV front, Crown Castle International said its subsidiary Modeo has launched a live trial of its mobile television service in New York City. The trial features live feeds Fox News, Discovery Channel and other programmers. Modeo’s service is similar to Qualcomm’s MediaFlo—it’s a means to deliver programming to cellular phones at broadcast TV quality. I’ve seen demonstrations of similar services and the quality is amazing—lightning quick and clear, rather than the herky jerky quality of mobile video today. Keep an eye on Modeo as cell phone TV proponents have said the introduction of Modeo and MediaFlo’s service this year will be big drivers in mobile TV adoption.

Finally, remember that deal from a few years ago when Comcast partnered with Tivo and we all thought, “OK, Tivo gets to live another few years?” Don’t worry—the boxes still aren’t out. But to keep the fire burning, Comcast and Tivo said they’ll demonstrate the service at CES today. Under the deal, Comcast will incorporate Tivo’s technology into its boxes. That would be a good thing as the Comcast boxes are clunkers. I’m on my 7th box in two years, after all.


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