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Trial and Error

Hoping to Watch Netflix Now

January 18, 2007 1:01 PM

So we don’t have the new Netflix “Watch Now” feature set up on our Netflix account yet. My husband logs in to the site and says to me, “What gives?”

I explain that Netflix is rolling the feature—that lets its users watch movies and TV shows online—out over the next six months.

Then I think—why should we have to wait? I just sent a note to Netflix PR asking to get the feature turned on so I can review it for Trial and Error.

Stay tuned!


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Hmmm, then maybe Netflix would ACTUALLY be net flicks! What a concept! Now all they neeed to do is make really high-speed broadband really affordable.


I still haven't heard back from them...I wonder when Netflix will deign to acknowledge my existence...


Tell them that your blog is a major power on the net and refer them to how you made ABCnews execs tremble and arrange a meeting between Amanda and you. ;-)


You're right...We need to remind them of the power of T&E!

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