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Trial and Error

I’ve Had Enough

January 5, 2007 12:46 PM

I’m sick of services not working. I’ve had enough of poor products. I’m done with bad players and software that’s sluggish.

Consider this my final warning. For all the online video sites, networks and service providers that make bad software: STOP. Just stop.

A few weeks ago I had downloaded BitTorrent to learn more about peer-to-peer technology for a story. The end result: my computer suddenly needed to be restarted twice a day, compared to once every five days prior. And then my wireless network went on the fritz and I had to buy a new router and pay for a computer geek to fix the whole thing.

So I expunged all the interlopers from my computer this week, starting with BitTorrent. Then I uninstalled the History Channel “Shootout” game that I had downloaded but was never able to play because it just didn’t work. Didn’t work. That’s right—it just didn’t work. And I gave the boot to the Veoh Player. Wiped it off the computer. Because it too did nothing when I downloaded it. And, as you know, I uninstalled Amazon UnBox a long time ago.

So now, I am left with the good children. I have iTunes on my computer. I still have AOL Hi-Q for watching high-resolution videos from AOL Video. And that’s it.

So start making players and services and software that works. This is my zero-tolerance policy.


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