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Trial and Error

Kudos to Cartoon Network

January 31, 2007 1:58 PM

In my ongoing kid blog reports, I need to do a shout out today on behalf of Cartoon Network.

Here’s why.

My six year-old son has developed a Pokemon addiction. Trust me—I have done nothing to foster it. In the meantime, I am trying to break the addiction by reading Harry Potter to him. But for now, though he’s keen on tales of giants on motorcycles and boys who are wizards, he still likes Pokemon. I still don’t know what Pokemon even are.

However, I did let him visit the Cartoon Network Web site the other day to check out Pokemon. And here’s why Cartoon Network gets props—all I had to do was type in cartoonnetwork.com into the browser window. I walked into the other room and he figured out the rest. He was able to navigate the site, find the video player, locate the Pokemon episodes and get them to play all by himself.

And guess what? I don’t have to report on the ins and outs of how the player worked or if it was easy to find or anything like that. Because obviously it was. Obviously it did the job. So a big hand to Cartoon Network—you get an A + for ease of use.


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Great to know. I'm always looking for sites that are easy to use for the little ones. I love your daily blog - keep it coming!

Daisy Whitney:

Thanks for the reply, Giraffe. Feel free to share any Web sites as well that you think I should check out.


Any thoughts on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force guerilla marketing campaign that "blew up" in Cartoon Network's face in Boston?


Yeah, kind of ironic that I praised Cartoon Network for something totally separate and then the network got in big trouble. My esteemed colleague has been following that story closely. It's a doozy all right!


Hi Giraffe:

A couple other sites that I like are pbskids.org and disney.com and Turbo Nick.



Thanks Daisy! I'll check those out.

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