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Trial and Error

Looking for Innertube Videos, Finding a Maybe, Possible, In Consideration New Show

January 16, 2007 3:07 PM

CBS sent out an email blast promoting new offerings on its innertube service. I haven’t been there in a while so I figure this is the chance to take CBS up on its suggestive email.

I scan the offerings

“Jericho.” Eh. No interest.

“CSI.” Not drinking the kool-aid.

“How I Met Your Mother.” OK, I’m game.

Right underneath an ad for Victoria’s Secret (I can just feel the web clicks rising as I write this) is a list of recommended videos.

“Armed and Famous”. “Jericho”. “Numb3rs”. But no “How I met your Mother” video. I don’t even see a link for “How I Met Your Mother” in the thumbnails that scroll across the bottom of the page.

I go back to the email again and click through once more on the “How I Met Your Mother” video link. Same issue. It takes me to the site, but there’s no visible link.

Then I realize I have to allow pop-ups on my browser. The CBS site now takes me to the video. But it doesn’t play just yet. Nope—the site needs one more piece of data. Am I a Windows or Real kind of girl?

I select Windows, but now I’m getting annoyed with all these steps I have to go through. I know. I know. It’s not that many. Still.

But then the video starts and the show is actually pretty good. I’m not a regular watcher, but I must admit that “How I Met Your Mother” is now on my waiting list for The Next Regular Show I’ll Add To My Regular TV Watching Schedule When And If I Find The Time Or Inclination.

Yep, pretty impressive accolade.


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You really should give "Jericho" a chance....lots of suspense, mystery and wonderful relationships against the backdrop of a whole new way of life. It really is a terrific show. I'm not a "24" or "CSI" girl, either--way too 'blood and guts' for me. And maybe the 'nuclear blast' promos for "Jericho" put some viewers off, but really, try it!


"How I Met Your Mother" is a great show! I love it, but can't watch it regularly because it conflicts with "Prison Break". (The Wife is smitten with Wentworth Miller, what are you gonna do?) "Mother" and "30 Rock" are the main reasons I want to upgrade to a dual-tuner satellite-DVR system. To me "Mother" is the new Friends, but hipper and more connected to youth culture.


You can watch Mother on innertube now, Bryan!

All right...I'm thinking of watching it now...I'm getting close to setting the DVR to record it...I always laugh at the clips I see, so I might as well try it out

Lola: I never got into 24 either...

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