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Trial and Error

MSNBC Buries the Blog

January 17, 2007 3:51 PM

MSNBC launched a new “World Blog” today with blogging from Baghdad coverage. Reporters, producers and staff will include text, video and photo entries not only for news in Baghdad but around the world.

I took a quick look at “Blogging Baghdad” this morning with contributions from NBC News’ Middle East correspondent Richard Engel. This is a great example of where a blog can be beneficial—it provides that intense behind-the-scenes, first-person style that can help a viewer connect with both a story and a network.

The site is located here.

But here’s the big criticism. The blog is really tough to find from the home page. What if I didn’t have the link? Well, I would go to MSNBC.com then. When I do, I look around the home page for some sort of promotion for this new feature and see none. Also, when I click on blogs I don’t see it listed under blogs.

It seems kind of silly to bury content this good.


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