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Trial and Error

Now It’s Time for Your Regularly Scheduled Video Search Update

January 10, 2007 12:58 PM

In my ongoing quest to report on developments in video search, I am taking the temperature of three of the leading video search engines this week— Truveo, Clipblast and Blinkx. I want to see how easy or hard it is to find videos from various networks on their sites.

I start with Truveo at searchvideo.com. I plug in A&E’s “Criss Angel Mindfreak” and the results bring up an episode on AOL Video. That’s good news since it’s a network-sanctioned version, not a pirated one. I click on a Truveo link to find the show on iTunes too, but I get some funky error message saying Truveo can’t locate iTunes on my computer. Well, we all know I have iTunes.

Next, I try Discovery’s “Mythbusters.” That search brings me directly to the Discovery.com page on “Mythbusters.” Discovery should be quite pleased.

I move to ClipBlast. I decide to look up “MTV Unplugged,” but I only find Bob Dylan videos from 1994. Next I try “Laguna Beach,” but only get results for local CBS stations’ news clips on the California locale. Then I spot a link near the bottom of the first page of results for MTV Overdrive, MTV’s broadband service. MTV probably wants that link to be higher in the results, but at least it’s there.

Next I go to Blinkx to try “Rachael Ray.” As you can imagine, a search for Ms. Ray is bound to yield a wide range of results. But I am curious which of her ventures will appear first. The first result is a clip for “30 Minute Meals.” But it’s from MSNBC, not Food Network. Weird.

The good news is that results are improving. The same search conducted in August would primarily have yielded links to unauthorized clips of these shows on YouTube or other sites.


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Comments (3)

joe wesson:

How is clipblast a leading search engine, when they aren't even out yet?

Are you being paid by them to talk them up, and compare them to real search companies?
I think you did this two months ago. What's up with this and why don't you be forthright about your relationship with them?

Clipblast isn't out. so how could you know about it without being an insider?


Hi Joe:

Thanks for your post. ClipBlast actually is out and you can check out the site, anyone can, at www.clipblast.com. I'm not an insider, I'm not paid by ClipBlast. I know about the company because ClipBlast issued a press release last fall about its launch and new services and I wrote a story, which TVWeek -- not ClipBlast -- paid me for.

Keep reading!



That was a such a nice, professional response, Daisy. I'm proud of you! ;-)

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