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Trial and Error

That Dog Can Skate!

January 11, 2007 3:44 PM

I had the good fortune to land some Blinkx tips while at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this week. In my continuing efforts to track the evolving and critically important world of video search, I learned about a cool feature on the video search site. Go to Blinkx.com and type “Skateboarding Dogs” into the search bar. The first thing you will see is the coolest dog ever, who can carve with the best of ‘em. Then click on the “Wall It” button right next to the search bar. Watch the left hand side of the screen fill up with thumbnails of pooches who shred. Then mouse over that video wall and watch the videos pop up. It’s totally cool and a great way for TV executives to pass the time. A little psychedelic too when you move the mouse really fast.

P.S. No, I don’t work for Blinkx either.


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If our mobile devices are increasingly converged (my Sony Ericsson is basically an MP3 player w/ a phone) then why do we have to watch viral videos on one platform and TV shows on another? Of course, no one wants to navigate their TV in their own living room with a keyboard but I wouldn't mind watching all of my videos on the same box. Is that the trend you saw at CES?

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