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Trial and Error

The Dick in a Box Campaign

January 15, 2007 1:37 PM

I’ll admit it. I’m a closet “Dick in a Box” fan.

I often sing the song in the car, and even in front of the kids, making sure to bleep myself out at those 16 spots that need bleeping.

I have watched the “Saturday Night Live” uncensored video easily more than a dozen times since it premiered online on Dec. 16, doing my part to drive up those 10 million-plus views on YouTube of what’s now the 7th ranked video of all time on the site. Thus begins my campaign to make this video the most viewed of all time because I think it might possibly be the funniest piece of video from 2006.

I know by heart the best parts, like when Justin Timberlake points to his forehead when he says “gonna give you something so you know what’s on my mind,” or towards the end when the singers begin their fast riff: “every single holiday a dick in a box, over at your parent’s house a dick in a box, mid-day at the grocery store a dick in a box.”

But I’m torn between the two best parts and here’s where I want your help. Which is funnier—when she mouths “thank you” or when they give the 1,2, 3 instructions on how to make a “dick in a box?”

Watch it again and then weigh in here.


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My favorite parts:

- When he shoves the rose into her face
- The Kwaanzaa outfit
- The "Backstage at the CMAs" line.

Justin smoothing his goatee is pretty awesome, too.

Have you seen "Box in a box" yet? Not as good, but there's a great taco line in it.


The goatee moment inspretty good too. I do like that one. You see -- they're all good. It's so hard to pick the best one. I might have to go watch again. I'll check out the other one, though I have a hunch it might not be fit for publication...


OK, box in a box is cute...It's just funny seeing the girl with the gift wrapped box. Thanks for tip!

See first well made parody on "Dick in a Box" SNL video!
Watch it right now on youtube


Daisy, dick in a box can only lead to one thing...giving up the nuts.

Hhahaa i had to comment because i, too, sing this song almost every day in front of my kids and bleep out the dick part.. sometimes i just sing the chorus as "i live in a box! i live in a box gurrrrrl"

Try that one. it works!


Dck in a box is good but box in a box is better!

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