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Trial and Error

Where the Bigwigs Are in Vegas

January 9, 2007 8:02 PM

Want to know what TV and advertising executives are up to at CES? Well, they aren’t going to the sessions, that’s for sure. They’re doing VIP tours of the show floor.

I crashed a tour today that The National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences Advanced Media Committee hosted. In the group I piggybacked onto was none other than the WPP CEO himself, Sir Martin Sorrell. His top lieutenant Rino Scanzoni, chief investment officer with Group M, attended, along with several WPP executives.

Mike Bologna, the digital guru with Group M’s Mediaedge:cia company, said he arranged for his clients Paramount Pictures and Pizza Hut to take the tour and learn more about new devices on the show floor. He then reached out to Mr. Scanzoni, who apparently decided it would be good too to kick the tires on companies like LG, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft.

I hitched onto the group to visit Qualcomm, which demonstrated its new mobile TV service MediaFLO, slated for a launch on Verizon phones later this quarter.

After the MediaFlo demonstration, executives from our group, asked about battery life (4-6 hours), whether the MediaFlo service is separate from VCAST (it is), and if you can toggle between video and calls (you can).

Paramount Pictures Alexander Fragen, senior VP of domestic TV distribution, said he signed up for the tour to see what the devices look like that are carrying programming from studios and networks in new ways.


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