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Trial and Error

Will They or Won’t They?

January 9, 2007 12:41 PM

Wondering if “Lost” stars Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox or Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway will get together this season?

Look no further than the “Moonlighting” series of days gone by. During his CES keynote, Bob Iger remarked that once the characters played by Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis got together the show went off the air. Yep, romantic tension is one of the big sustaining factors in a show. So don’t look for any sort of “consummation” any time soon on “Lost.” It’s a showkiller.


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There may have actually been some "consummation" in a cage earlier this season between Kate and Sawyer, but there'll be no actual choice while both guys are alive on the island, that's for sure.


I"m not sure what the head of CBS (Moonves) has to do with the plotting of a show on ABC ("Lost"). Your logic is dubious.


Oops, sorry. I see that it was indeed Bob Iger (head of ABC) who made the comment. That's what I get for reading too many articles at once. My apologies.

Daisy Whitney:

No need to apologize here! It would be fun to speculate about what would happen if Moonves was indeed trying to plot out Lost. What do we think he would do?

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