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Trial and Error

YouTube Gets a Helping Hand from Daddy

January 30, 2007 1:12 PM

What happens when you put the two biggest beasts in online video together? They get even stronger. Check this out.

Just last week, Google said it would start including YouTube videos in its Google Video search index.

A few days later audience measurement firm Hitwise reported that the integration is already paying off handsomely.

On Saturday Jan. 20th, the Saturday prior to YouTube’s inclusion on the Google Video index, YouTube lured 0.54 percent of all Internet visits in the United States. On Saturday Jan. 27th, the Saturday following the integration, YouTube’s share rose to 0.64 percent of all visits. Don’t let those seemingly small numbers fool you. They are actually HUGE numbers and the change represents a growth rate of 18.5 percent.

The day before the index integration Google Video was responsible for 0.73 percent of all YouTube’s traffic; by Saturday it was responsible for 8.68 percent of all YouTube’s upstream traffic (where visitors were before they came to YouTube).

So watch out. The big get bigger. The rich get richer.


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