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Trial and Error

Bravo for Video, Boo for Getting it to Play

February 22, 2007 5:39 AM

I haven’t visited Bravo’s site in a few months, so I drop in for a random video inspection. My memory of the last visit is that while the site was chock full of features, video was tough to find.

Today, the site is still quite busy, but now there’s a prominent link for videos in the menu bar high up on the page. I click on it and it launches a cool player environment with links for Top 10 videos, videos from Bravo shows, web originals, Trio videos and videos from other NBC channels. The layout is cool and I like the whole idea that you can stay safely ensconced in the NBC Universal mother ship.

So I try a “Project Runway” web original video. And here’s the thing – you have to click on the video a couple times before it plays. It almost feels like you’re tapping it on the shoulder, or honking your horn to say, “Hey buddy, light’s green.”

But once it launches, it plays well.

When I click on the “Queer Eye” thumbnail next, the same thing happens. It doesn’t play. I have to hit it a few times and then tap some more links to get the video started.

Next, I’m going to test the button for “other NBC networks.” Check back tomorrow for my report.


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I had the same problem also. When you click on a thumbnail you expect the video to play.
However they have overthought the player and make users jump through hoops to figure out you need to click on a "clip" in the details area for a video to play for that show.

Always fun to watch media companies overreact and overthink.

Click on a picture --> video plays.



I totally agree. Great take on the approach -- yes, it seems to be overthinking and too many hoops. When simpler is nearly always better.

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