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Trial and Error

I Know Where Ed Helms Went

February 14, 2007 12:11 PM

Who said online video can’t be educational? I say it can.

Astute fans of NBC’s “The Office” may have noticed that Ed Helms, who plays the new sycophant and office foil for Jim, has been conspicuously absent from the last two episodes. Viewers might assume that he was fired. After all, he did punch a hole in a wall at Dunder-Mifflin in a late January episode.

But the actor has also signed a contract to join the series as a regular now, rather than a recurring character.

So where in the world is Ed’s character Andy?

I found out rather serendipitously by purchasing the producer’s cut of the episode dubbed “The Return” on iTunes. That version is about seven to eight minutes longer than what airs on television and contains scenes that were cut to fit the time slot.

Such as the final scene in which Andy heads off to a 10-week anger management training class!

He’ll be back in April.


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Thanks so much, Daisy! I was wondering what happened to him. How could they just leave all mention of that out?


You're quite the investigator - Thanks for the info!

The extended episode ran on NBC's web site as well and they did advertised it after the original airing of the episode. I think in that case, NBC should have run The Office as a supersized episode because the extended version clears up some things and has some even funnier material in it--such as Michael's leaving the top down on his car and it filling up with snow.

Of course, I'm sure the extended cut will be the one we get on the DVDs...:)

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