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Trial and Error

Is Meredith Really Dead?

February 16, 2007 2:06 PM

So I contemplated posting about some cool new service today. Or writing about an edgy, alternative Web site with niche videos. And I’ll get back to that shortly.

But for now, for today, I am going for mass appeal. I’m playing the average Jane consumer in the middle of February sweeps who wakes up, hoping it was all a bad dream last night in the final 30 seconds of “Grey’s Anatomy.” And that Jane gets online and she doesn’t go to Small Little Upstart Web Site for Early Adopters. No, she goes to Google or Yahoo or YouTube and says, “Give me something, anything on whether Meredith dies for real or not!”

So I start with YouTube and enter “Grey’s Anatomy.” I get the Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars” video. Not what I want. I enter the episode title, “Drowning on Dry Land.” That brings me to promo clips.

Sheesh. Who has time to post these things? Cause they’re not coming from ABC.

Then I watch some clips for next Thursday’s episode. Why won’t they just tell if she’s dead or not?

Oh, wait. Now, I remember. So I’ll actually tune in. Sneaky strategy.

Fine. I try my search on Google, which now just delivers me back to YouTube clips due to the integration of Google’s search tools with YouTube’s video library.

So I watch the final minute of last night’s episode again.

And, Grey’s fans around the world, let’s be honest here. The storyline is way cheesy, but how unbelievably cool was Denny’s reappearance and his priceless response to Meredith: “Damn right you are?” That made tuning in worthwhile.


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Thanks for the spoiler, Daisy! Right there in the title, too, so I couldn't avoid it at all. ;-)

Daisy Whitney:

it's not a spoiler! the episode ran last night!!!


Oh, it's only a spoiler if it's BEFORE something is released or aired? That's news to me! For someone so conversant in technology like DVR and online episode viewing, I'm surprised at your lack of sympathy for the viewer who can't drop everything and sit their butt down in front of the TV precisely at 9 pm Mountain. I mean, why worry about family responsibilities when Grey's Anatomy is coming on?

Tell me what new movie you'd like to see and when you're likely to see it and I'll go to an earlier showing and email you a plot synopsis. You should be okay with that since I won't be spoiling anything, right?

BTW, I'm totally kidding! :-)


Maybe it's just because I'm not a surgeon... but my idea of heaven isn't laying on a gurney in a hospital!

I'm sure she's not dead... but hopefully if they bring her back, Denny and the bomb-squad guy come back too :)


I aint go no stinkin' sympathy! Besides, who wouldn't want their young children to watch people have their brains drilled with power drills! Oops....that was another Spoiler!


I watched it Monday night, thank you very much. :-)


She cant be dead..if she is..they would have to change the show's name to "Anatomy"..and I dont think that would work at all.


omg! i hope they are not doing the same thing they did with the oc!!! killing the main character off??? omg! i just hope she is not dead!!!


You never know...if they kill her off it could be Shonda's way of saying nothing is off limits on this show...However, methinks the title of the coming episode gives it away -- "Some Kind of Miracle."

My best is Christina revives Meredith.

What do you all think?


I'm so glad they let her live :) It was a very intense episode. All the flashing from the heaven like area back to her blue body and around the hospital. Now that we know shes alive, what do you think will come of the pregnant jane doe?


The pregnant Jane Doe will turn out to be Eric Stoltz from MASK (now that I mention it, you can see the resemblance, right?).

I had no idea he was joining the cast but if Patrick Dempsey can be the biggest thing on TV, then why shouldn't Mr. Stoltz get his career mojo back too?


Hi Cristina!

I agree. I was a little nervous, but in the end I'm glad there's still a Grey in Grey's Anatomy.

Do we know who's playing the pregnant Jane Doe?

I keep thinking that somehow she'll be connected to someone at the hospital. She said she felt married, but I keep thinking somehow we'll find out that the baby was fathered by one of the Grey's boys! A little far-fetched, but so are the frequency of impalements on Grey's!


Techbod! I totally see the resemblance.

I just read that the Jane doe is going to become a recurring character since she looks to be played by Elizabeth Reaser.

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