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Trial and Error

Meredith Isn’t Dead! Vote Here for Your Favorite Scene

February 26, 2007 2:41 PM

Well, it’s Monday morning and if you haven’t watched Thursday finale of the “Grey’s Anatomy” three-part arc, then I don’t feel guilty for spoiling it with the headline.

So now let’s vote on the best part of the episode.

1. Ellis Grey in the afterlife hallway telling her daughter, “You are anything but ordinary, Meredith.”

2. The scene from outside Meredith’s room as the interns gather to watch Christina chatting with Meredith after she woke up

3. When Addison says to Mark “Who would I possibly be having sex with?” and then we cut to Alex

4. Izzy standing in the hallway feeling Denny’s presence

5. Some other scene

If you want to watch again to refresh your memory, here’s are the last 15 minutes of the show in two contraband versions on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17LbwhSWlog and

Or you can watch the full and officially sanctioned version on ABC.com at

You can also cast your vote for which scene you think is my favorite.


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Comments (3)


I think your fave is number two where the interns see Christina talking to Meredith. My fave is the last scene where Izzy feels Denny's presence. In fact, all of the best scenes were really ones that weren't Meredith-centered, but more about the people around her.


Even though this is my favorite drama, I could have done without the whole ghost storyline. But my favorite scene was Christina telling Meredith, "you're my person" & I thought it was funny when she was in the bar w/the $1.00 chair.


My favorite was Izzy and Denny in the hallway, and I'll vote that's yours, too. I was a bit disappointed with the whole purgatory/afterlife aspect of the show. If it was more Meredith's subconscous working out her issues wth recently deceased characters from her life, that's one thing, but the Izzy/Denny thing and her mom passing by her suggest that it was really a spiritual realm thing. So even though the Izzy/Denny encounter was touching, I'm not down with a show, up to now grounded in reality, going all metaphysical.

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