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Trial and Error

Oh, Baby! That’s a Nice Scroll Bar For You!

February 2, 2007 3:30 PM

Oxygen introduced a social network this week at www.oomph.net. So I went online today to check it out. And then I remembered that I’m not really that into social networks. They’re not quite my cup of tea. So to be fair, I jumped out of oomph.net and hopped over to Oxygen’s new broadband channel www.shedidwhat.tv. The site immediately started playing “Coby Tips” on fuller hair with less work.

But there’s no video in the video player, so I guess my hair will just be flat. I try another video and confront the same problem—there’s audio but no video.

What’s a blogger with flat hair to do? Go to Internet Explorer. And the site just so happens to work fabulously there—videos launch instantly, the fast forward works at lightning speed and you can pause and play again in a cinch. In fact, I am loving this fast forward scroll bar. I’m giving it my new award for fastest responding fast forward scroll bar in the west.
And now I know the secret—sleep with a ponytail high up on your head.


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