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Trial and Error

Online Video for Your Brain

February 1, 2007 7:39 PM

If you’re one of those thinking-people types, you might want to check out FORA.tv, a new online video site with gobs of clips on political, cultural and social issues. It’s not my personal cup of tea—I rather prefer Jackass style stunts and overblown soap opera drama. But if you like to think, rather than numb your brain as I do, you’ll probably enjoy these clips from thoughtful leaders, authors, artists and activists.

This afternoon I perused through “Poland on The Eve of Martial Law” and “America Through Muslim Eyes.” And here’s the cool part of the site. You can play the video right there in the browser window itself, or you can click on “watch FORA.tv player” to launch a larger player with lots of cool tabs and features. Plus, you don’t have to download that player—it just pops up. Which means major points for FORA.tv.

Once there you can click on a speaker bio and even view a transcript of what the good thinkers are saying. Which could come in handy if you need to mute the volume when your boss comes in.

My one pet peeve though is the fast forward scroll bar is too wiggly, jiggly. When I toyed around with it, it landed at random spots in the video.

Overall though, other online video destinations would be wise to check out the snappy layout of FORA.tv


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YouTube and MySpace won the ubiquity game...the future for the also-rans is to either chug along selling banner ads or attempt to differentiate through exclusivity. A Small World, for instance, rejects the wild-west mentality of MySpace. Revver and blip.tv are attempting to differentiate themselves through professional-quality production valus. I'm not sure Viacom, Disney and other potential acquirers are willing to pay a premium for that perceived differentiation. However, Fora.tv is a different animal altogether and may have a better chance of being acquired.


Great points, Leonard. Fora.TV has definitely got a different approach. So is the key to success really going for a clear niche then?


Anheuser-Busch's Bud.TV is taking ownership of the viewing experience in a way we haven't seen since Texaco and P&G in the 50's. YouTube may have won the M&A derby but it doesn't appear to be raking in the sponsorship $$...i would argue that the sustainable business model is one that embraces brands. Thoughts?


Dont teach a pike to swim, a pike knows his own science,

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