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Trial and Error

Portals Promote Hard-to-Find Videos

February 5, 2007 6:34 PM

Why can’t portals actually make it easy to find the TV shows they bother to promote?

I go to Yahoo TV for a quick check-in. I click through on a big fat image promoting the availability of the latest episode of NBC’s “Heroes.” And instead of launching a video, the site merely cycles me through jpegs of other NBC shows. The vacant white space on the right tells me that the video won’t play. No kidding.

Once again, it’s the old Firefox black hole. So I traipse back to Internet Explorer to see what’s cooking on Yahoo TV there. A video loads for “Rules of Engagement.” I even chuckle a few times during the minute-long clip.

Next I kick the tires on the “Heroes” section, peering around to see if “Heroes” videos are still on the site. But after I click through several tiers of pages, I spot a note that there are no current episodes available. So I watch a short outtake.

And I suppose my conclusion is it would be nice if this were a perfect world and episodes were stored forever and ever on portals and you didn’t have to click on numerous jpegs and links and Internet whatnot to find what you might not be able to see at all. But it’s not a perfect world, now is it?


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