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Trial and Error

A Second Life for a Gay Robot

March 15, 2007 11:25 AM

The Internet has given brushed-off pilots a second life. Add to the ranks of the Internet Undead “Gay Robot.”

The show was initially a pilot that Sony Pictures Television developed for Comedy Central in 2006 with Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison. It’s based off of a sketch from one of Mr. Sandler’s comedy albums. The pilot wasn’t picked up, but Sony worked out promotional deals with BitTorrent and MySpace to give the show a second life, describing “Gay Robot” as an “internal passion project,” according to a Sony spokeswoman.

The show has become a minor Internet hit and recently landed the No. 1 spot on MySpace’s daily video rankings. The pilot has amassed more than 485,000 views and Sony recently posted a deleted scene that corralled more than 420,000 views. The entire collection of “Gay Robot” clips has logged more than 1 million views.

To check it out for yourself:


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MySpace videos haven't been loading on my computer for a week. I don't know what's up!

Daisy Whitney:

Are you using Mozilla or IE?



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