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Trial and Error

Back Again at NBC.com

March 28, 2007 11:38 AM

In my post last week about the NBC Universal-News Corp venture, I pointed out that I had found the video experience on NBC.com to be less than A+. Some readers posted that they had no trouble playing videos on NBC.com.

Since the Trial and Error blog by no means operates under an iron fist or even a three- strike rule (infinite strikes allowed, this umpire says!), I decide to pay a visit to NBC.com on Tuesday evening and see if my opinion changes.

I click on the “watch episodes” tab to start. Good thinking on my part, eh? And I opt for “30 Rock.”

OK, so the episode actually loads instantly this time. And, I’ll admit grudgingly, the video plays just fine and even manages to successfully jump through each of the four parts. And, darn it, the pause button even works too.

But I find a glitch after 10 minutes or so! I move the fast forward scroll bar a few minutes ahead and bam—the picture freezes but the audio keeps playing for about 10 seconds before the video catches up.

Ha. So there.


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