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Trial and Error

Feathers or Not? ABC.com Lets You Pick

March 19, 2007 12:09 PM

Since I’m unlikely to win CNBC’s Million Dollar Challenge, I decide to try my chances at ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” No, I’m not dancing—I’m handicapping the winners and losers in advance thanks to a new fantasy game on ABC.com.

Here’s the link (Dancing With the Stars: Fantasy Dancing), but you don’t need it since ABC actually does something better than provide a link—it effectively promotes the game right in the middle of its home page. This is still a feat many networks have yet to master

Repeat after me. Easy to find, easy to play, easy to use.

The fantasy game lets you pick the dancing couple most likely to win the highest score and the couple most likely to nab the lowest score. You can also select bonus questions, such as betting on whether a celebrity is likely to wear feathers. I know nothing about the dancers, so I randomly pick Paulina Porizkova and Alec Mazo to get the most points and Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson to snag the least. And I’m gambling on the appearance of feathers too.

Check out the game and see how you do in picking winners.

Incidentally, if you followed my CNBC stock picks, I had opted for Comcast, Disney and Google. I’m ranked 128,544 after two weeks, placing me in the top 41 percent. C’mon TV industry stocks—I need you to do better!


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