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Trial and Error

Got Six Years to Collect Cat Fur? Then You Can Knit a Sweater from Fluffy Too!

March 14, 2007 11:27 AM

“The Today Show” snagged its own URL last week when MSNBC launched www.todayshow.com to give the morning show its own Web home. MSNBC.com had previously housed “Today” content in its site. The new site includes a daily blog, a weekly behind-the-scenes video blog from Al Roker, as well as a range of video clips.

The video clips are clearly marked in the middle of the page with a row of thumbnails images linking to various video news stories. I test a couple—one on better posture and another on a woman who knit a sweater from her cat’s fur. (It took six years to amass the more than five pounds of fur, so plan accordingly if you decide to try this at home).

I’ve always found the news sites do a bang-up job with video and video players—clips are usually easy to find and play without problems. But here’s the part I’d like to see NBC change. When you launch a video, the site loads a video player in a separate window. From that window, you can click on other videos and play them. But that window does not include links to additional “Today” snippets—the videos instead are general NBC News videos. So if you’re going to the trouble of anointing a special URL just for that show, then make sure I can see the show’s videos in the separate window player. As it is now, I need to return to Todayshow.com to search for more videos.

Which is annoying.

And, one more thing, I can’t find the Al Roker video blog. I searched for it on the site to no avail.


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