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Trial and Error

Great-Looking Joost has Kinks to Work Out

March 16, 2007 12:32 PM

On first blush, there’s a lot that is really cool about Joost. I just downloaded the service this morning and am kicking the tires on the beta version of this new online video service.

The service features a cool black screen that can either run full screen or can be a sort of half size window. The interface is sleek and stylish with neon style red, blue and green accents for “My Channels” and “My Joost” against the black.

Joost hasn’t fully loaded its service yet with programs from its new best friend and noted YouTube enemy, Viacom. But the service does have handful of niche videos. I try a few skateboarding clips, but the fast forward function on the scroll bar doesn’t work. And then when I hit the fast forward button itself, the service jumps me to the next video rather than further ahead in the one I am watching.

But here’s the bigger issue. I can’t find any quick escape hatch. And we all need the escape hatch, don’t we, when it comes to online video? I resort to the old-fashioned method and right click on the desktop icon to shut it down.

I’ll run some more tests and report back in a few days.


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