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Trial and Error

Joost Part 2—Taking Over My Computer

March 21, 2007 12:36 PM

So I visit Joost again and it totally takes over my computer. Yep, it’s out of control. Some funky Indian music plays and somewhere on my desktop is a bizarre Joost video playing without any care to what I want. So, naturally, I minimize every window open and search for the offending program. Ah, there it is. But now the screen is full screen. I pound away on the keyboard, frantically searching for the escape button. I despise video that plays without any control. Finally, the window shrinks and I hit pause. Whew, now I am back on the main Joost page.

I scroll through some of the channels, clicking on categories such as “most interactive.” But nothing happens. So I loop back into the main content listing and decide to pick a random programmer—Lassie videos. But that link only brings me to a page asking me to add or remove the channel. So I try one more, opting for the Lime network. A yoga video launches and the quality is great. But once again, Joost makes it ultra difficult to actually control the service. Joost takes over the computer screen again, so I must resize the window. When I look around for a button to escort me back to the main listing, I see none. Nor is there a friendly little “X” button to shut down the program. So once more, I resort to the right click and exit option.

Joost is a big thumbs down.


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Since becoming a Joost beta tester - and inviting 3 people to join as guests, my computer now seems to run significantly slower than it used to.

Short of uninstalling Joost completely no diagnostics seem able to find the cause for the issues.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

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