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Trial and Error

Snowboarders of the World Unite

March 7, 2007 2:48 PM

So if you like all things snowboarding, there’s a new web site for you – www.snowvision.com. I hopped on it today for a quick tour. Snowvision is a product of Diversion Media of New York, which produces broadband channels for niche audiences.

The site looks to be exactly the kind of content the Internet does well – short-form video clips for a young demographic. The videos play easily and the site is a cinch to navigate. I’ve never been on a snowboard, but I like to fantasize that someday I could be cool enough to hold my own. So whether you shush down the slopes or just daydream you do, the videos are worth a whirl.


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Jack L:

Sounds like a cool sight. I wonder if there is anything similar for skateboarding - I hear it can be treacherous in more ways than one.

thanks for the review, daisy!

jack, we're not doing skateboarding (yet), but Grindtv.com is one of the biggest action sports video sites and they have a ton of skate vids. lots of slams, which i think is what you're referring to?

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