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Trial and Error

Thought for the Day

March 22, 2007 5:29 PM

I wouldn’t bet on the NBC Universal-News Corp. venture. And that’s for one reason—ease of use. So far I’ve seen little evidence that anyone besides iTunes and YouTube have nailed user-friendliness. NBC.com routinely delivers C-grade Web video experiences, while Fox still makes its videos hard to find. ABC.com comes closest on the network side. But iTunes competitors such as Amazon are virtually unusable. AOL Video and Wal-Mart are merely passable as Web video destinations. And Viacom’s new partner Joost is one of my least favorite services ever. Until I see evidence to the contrary, I continue to believe consumers have little tolerance for shenanigans. That’s why they go to Itunes, that’s why they go to YouTube. However, if NBCU and News Corp. can match those user experiences, then we’ll have a real game on our hands.


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I actually have no complaints about watching video on NBC.com. Half hour sitcoms, anyway, have loaded quickly and are very easy to navigate. Being able to find them could be easier, but if this venture has its own storefront url, that should solve the problem.


How about having all this content available in Canada?

All the major networks do not allow access to full shows in Canada. On NBC.com, you can't access the SNL skits. On CBS.com, you can't see Elimination Station, which isn't available anywhere else in any form. Also, during The Apprentice 5, where the clip show was available for free on iTunes, Canadians couldn't access it, and CNBC blocks Apprentice reruns in Canada, where the clip show only aired on TV.

If this new service is also blocked in Canada, is it any wonder why I think piracy is still king?

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