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Trial and Error

Tobey and Topher Together at Last in the Final Trailer

March 23, 2007 4:04 PM

A funny thing happened today. The TV was easier to watch than the computer. I’m not really sure how that transpired, but I’ve commissioned a team of scientists stop by in a few moments to conduct an experiment.

Anyway, here’s how it all started. Comcast announced it would premiere today the final trailer for “Spider-Man 3” online and on-demand. Naturally, I tried the online portal first at www.spiderman3oncomcast.com and watched the snazzy new preview. For the regular blog readers, allow me to digress and say that though the trailer starts slow it really takes off, so now I am feeling more jazzed about taking the day off on May 4 to see the movie. Yes, editors, I still won’t be in that day.

But after I watched the preview, my computer went all sluggish and weird and sounded like Hal slowing down.

So I decided to check out the rest of the “Spider-Man 3” goodies on the television. Comcast has done a great job making the content easy to find – “Spider-Man 3” has its own menu button in the movie section of the VOD menu. You can even find all the past trailers for the prior Spidey flicks, as well as trivia.

I then returned to my computer, which sputtered a few more times but recovered enough for me to click on a behind-the-scenes clips. That worked fine this go round and I’m even awarding Comcast major points for also effectively promoting the Spider-Man content from the home page of its portal at Comcast.net.

Comcast plans to debut new movie-related content each week online and on-demand every week leading up to the premiere. So check back. I know I will.


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