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Trial and Error

ABC.com New Player Goes from Mini to Full Screen, but Needs Better Scroll

April 13, 2007 12:11 AM

ABC’s number is up today. So let’s see how the vaunted ABC.com holds up.

I click on the “watch full episodes” link in the middle of the web page, which delivers me to another page saying “Our new video player is here. Awesome sums it up.”

Well, la dee dah. Let’s see about its self-proclaimed awesomeness, shall we?

I hit “launch new player.”

It loads in about 10 seconds. Not too bad.

The experience feels the same – there’s a swooping semi-circle of sorts with jpegs for the shows. Guess which show I pick?

Nope, I resist “Grey’s Anatomy.” I exercise self-restraint. Threw you for a loop, huh? Instead, I pick “October Road.”

I test out the different screen sizes – full screen, big, normal and mini. That’s impressive actually – all the sizes work. How cool is it to have the mini option? It’s just this adorable teensy tiny video screen.

So I like all of this, but…The scroll bar. The fast forward. It never seems like it’s working. I move the scroll bar, but the shadow remains behind where it was, so I’m never sure how far it jumped.


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I installed the new player but I CANNOT see the video. I can see the commercials but NOT the actual show! Can someone PLEASE HELP!! I have downloaded the new Flash and Java but it still doesn't work! I have been waiting to hear from ABC's feedback request but they refuse to contact me by e-mail for some reason...


I have the same problem. I also email abc.com and no respondse. I have tried everything and download all sorts of flash thingy's nothing has worked. Does anyone has a suggestions?

Bernice Moschini:

Make sure you have popups enabled, also make sure you have make sure you say yes when asked if you should trust this item. also make sure you accept cookies (don't have to keep them but for the download they need to be there.(

You may have to go into browser settings to find the trust, popup should be in the browser bar and cookies also in settings.

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