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Trial and Error

Finish 'The Office' Quote

April 2, 2007 1:33 PM

Here’s another way to avoid work today. NBC.com noticed that fans on its message boards were playing quote games from “The Office,” zinging sayings back and forth from the show, and asking who said them. So the network turned that into a game it released today online.

I’m a big fan of the show and have seen all the episodes so I gave it a whirl. Sadly, I earned 70 out of a possible 620. The game is mostly a hoot though and reminds you of all you love about the show.

But here’s what I think. It’s a little too hard to be fun. Some of the quotes that you need to finish are long—one is even 19 words. Who can remember the whole thing? You also need to nail the punctuation to earn the points.

The game is also a little long. I kept wondering how many wrong answers I would have to suffer through until it tabulated my score. Still, it’s a fun diversion for fans of the show—so go to NBC.com and check it out.


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