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Trial and Error

Pulled into the Web at CWTV Online

April 16, 2007 3:07 PM

And now it’s time for the newest one – CWTV.

The CW recently launched full episode streaming on its Web site at www.cwtv.com. This is my first time actually visiting the network’s site. As it happens, I’m sucked into the “Spider-Man 3” web on the site. On the “Spider-Man 3” promo page, there’s an “Unattainable Crush Contest.” Oh, sure, I have unattainable crushes. And if I submit an essay I could win a chance to take my unattainable crush to the premier of the movie. But for some strange reason, I’m pretty sure even if I won, there’s no way Daniel Craig would be sitting next to me watching Spidey. So I choose not to enter and instead watch a movie trailer. All’s well with the video player on this site.

I spot a Spider-Man Love Match quiz. It will tell me which Spider-Man character is the man of my dreams. I can’t resist.

And how about that? Apparently my “Spider-Man 3” dream hunk is Peter Parker.

Oh, incidentally, the full episodes of CW shows work fine.


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