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Trial and Error

Searching for Your Favorite Show Online

April 23, 2007 11:46 AM

Video search site Blinkx (nope, still not employed by ‘em) introduced a new feature last week dubbed Blinkx Remote to help users find full-length TV programs online.

OK, that sounds useful and promising. Though, part of me thinks it’s just as easy to go to iTunes or a network Web too. But then again, with the NBCU-News Corp. venture slated to distribute shows across various Web sites later this summer, perhaps a roadmap to full-length shows will come in handy.

I go to blinkx.com and in the upper right hand corner is a link for the service—an auspicious start. When I click on the icon for the remote, it takes me to a page with a list of TV shows. A simple list, no fuss, no muss. I click on CW’s “One Tree Hill” and I’m thinking it will whisk me to a down and dirty list of links to full-length episodes.

And it does. However, my eye is first drawn to a long list of “One Tree Hill” clips on iFilm, Dailymotion.com, Google, Metacafe, Veoh and other sites. But then at the top I notice a gray box with links to full-length episodes on three sites—CWTV.com, Amazon Unbox and iTunes.

I return to the list and try ABC’s “October Road,” which includes a link for the full episode on ABC.com. Finally, I test NBC’s “30 Rock,” which has links for both iTunes and NBC.com.

Blinkx Remote should clean up the page just a tidge to highlight the full-length episodes better, but overall it is a very nice feature.


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