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Trial and Error

YouTube Rewards?

April 27, 2007 12:21 PM

Call it the positive reinforcement trick. Give a dog a biscuit, he’ll learn how to sit.

That’s what Google-owned YouTube plans to launch in a few months, said David Eun, VP of content partnerships at Google, while speaking at the PaidContent social media conference in Los Angeles yesterday. An M&M for good behavior is a time-honored tradition on the Web and on social networking sites in particular that reward users for regular usage and such.

So why not use it on YouTube then?

“We are always focused on the user experience and so we want to make sure they understand that is our primary objective,” he said, during a panel. “As we think about monetization, we know where our traffic is coming from and it’s from users. So we have to do right by them and we have to think about programming that recognizes them and rewards them and you will see more of that in the coming months.”


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