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Trial and Error

Counting Views on Prom Queen

May 30, 2007 12:26 PM

In my quest to count views for “Prom Queen,” I’m over on YouTube now. The PR guy for Michael Eisner did tell me earlier in the day that the series had hit 8 million views. Still, I want to see if those numbers are transparent to the average Web viewer. I.e. if I can find them online.

Over on YouTube, I see links for a ton of “Prom Queen” episodes. The number of views for each episode is posted. But the episodes aren’t listed in numerical order and frankly I don’t want to do that much arithmetic.

So I move on to Veoh. And it’s the same deal there.

Look, I like knowing how each episode fares. But I’d also like to hunt down, somewhere online, how the whole shebang is doing.


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Unfortunately with web numbers, the only way is to add them up yourself. Prom Queen is on YouTube, Veoh, MySpace, Grouper, Daily Motion - all of which have view counts. The best resource for this kind of math is Vidmeter, but you have to manually plug in the URL for each video, at each location, yourself (which is a drag!). Also, seems there is no way to publicly account for V-Cast views on Verizon phones. Hmmmm...

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